Finished double page feature!

(Or click here to see the finished article in a pdf file!)

I think the running date for this article would be a week before broadcast so should appear in the magazine on the 25th of June as the release date is a week after – 1st August 2011. It has to be no more than seven days before the first broadcast as The Radio Times is a listing magazine advertising upcoming shows of the week.

While the poster was used to initially to impact the target audience and inform them, the purpose of the feature is to entice them into listening to the drama by getting them more involved. I think this friendly, informative interview with the lead cast member achieves this as it promotes the programme with a positive review and feedback from the actress.

I used a pink and white colour scheme as this matches my poster well and has feminine connotations, plus the brightness reflects energy and youthfulness into the article which makes it look exciting and appealing  to my target audience: young women (teens to 25 year olds.)

The layout was also inspired by an article I analysed from The Daily Express Saturday Magazine, which can be found on this post:…-page-features/


~ by Joey Ash on April 7, 2011.

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