InDesign Developements:

1) I started my feature by adding in the pictures I wanted, and did this by clicking the ‘File’ drop down bar and then ‘Place’. This opened up my pictures so I could select the one I wanted, press open, and click on the area of the page to place it. By selecting the arrow tool, I could move the images around and resize them to fit on the page as I desired.

2) I moved on to writing in the big title by clicking on the arrow, drawing out a text box and then clicking the ‘T’ on the tool bar which allowed me to type.  I applied different fonts, sizes, spaces, italics and colours to the title so I could decide what looked best. I chose to make the writing bright pink as this would appeal to female readers more, who are my target audience, and it matches the colour scheme of my poster.  I called the article ‘A CUT ABOVE THE REST…’ as it is a pun meaning better than the rest – so better than other radio dramas, but also relates to the drama’s title ‘Rough Cut’.

3) To make the text stand out in front of the background picture, I added in white boxes behind it by using the shape tool on InDesign. I then filled the boxes in with white, right clicked the mouse and pressed ‘send backwards’ to make the boxes go in front of the picture but behind the text, giving the title a highlighted effect.

4) I made two more text boxes to use as columns and copy and pasted my interview text from a word document that I had previously written out for the article.


5) I realised that I didn’t want the background of this image as it would get in the way of my columns and text. So, I deleted it from the feature, opened it in Photoshop and used the ‘magic wand’ tool to remove the background and save it as the new file.


6) I also needed to add in a pink banner as this would not blend into the background and overlapped with the picture on InDesign, so again, I used Photoshop to add in a pink rectangle, using the shape tool, and placed it on a layer below the image. I then saved it as a Jpeg file to place the improved picture back into the feature.

  • Now all I need to do is add in a big exciting quotation over the pink banner, acting as a column, to entice the reader in as this positive quotation makes the article sound interesting to the target audience!
  • I also will use the shape tool again to insert a circle with the essential information: Rough Cut, Monday 1st August, 7.oopm, BBC Radio 4 Extra, as this technique was used on my researched feature Candy Cabs and worked really well as it made the important info stand out.

Other conventions I must include, by using more text boxes are:

  • page numbers at the bottom of each page
  • magazine name at the bottom of the pages too
  • ‘interview’ heading at the top of the pages



~ by Joey Ash on April 6, 2011.

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