Researching double page features

Now I need to produce a double page feature for a magazine to promote my radio drama and interest my target audience.  I think my article would be effective in a magazine such as ‘The Radio Times’ as on the poster, ‘Radio Times’  gave the drama a five-star review, describing it as ‘funny and fabulous…’ so the feature could tie in well with this.

I am using this feature from ‘Stella’ magazine as an example of how I could layout my own. Although this article was not promoting a media product, I would like my feature to be designed in a similar way, with a large picture of the protagonist on the right hand side, and a big catchy title on the left. As I aim to create a double page spread, I may need to fit more text promoting the drama in on the 2nd page. This means my picture will have to take up half as much room so I can clearly lay out essential information about my show.

From looking at this article, I have noted down some essential conventions to include in my work:

  • page numbers and the magazine name at the bottom of both pages
  • humourous headings at the top left of pages
  • big, good quality images
  • memorable title
  • Big fonts for the title
  • bold font for introductions
  • lighthearted, friendly tone in the writing to appeal to a young female audience.
  • not too much text as this might look too dull
  • but include background information on storyline
  • And essential information such as: release date and time of broadcast.

I aim to create an interview feature on the actor who plays the protagonist, and get her to explain why the reader should listen to the program. This article on BBC One comedy Candy Cabs is a helpful reference as it is written in an unstructured interview style, and I would like to write mine in this way.


The feature is aimed at a female target audience as the drama is about a taxi service run by women for women. The article indicates this to the reader with the choice of colours (white and bright pink) as these are stereotypically feminine colours. As my target audience is also women, I should consider this colour scheme on my article as it will attract female readers and this will successfully promote the drama to my specific audience.


~ by Joey Ash on April 2, 2011.

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